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Church Property & Liability Insurance from Kulin-Sohn

It’s a house of worship. For many neighborhoods, it’s a safe place for the community to congregate. From children’s Sunday school to bible studies, music to men’s meetings, a church is a tangible part of your ministry’s investment. It protects those to whom you minister…and it requires protection, too.

Through Brotherhood Mutual, Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency offers insurance products specifically designed to meet the needs of churches and ministries just like yours. We deliver a policy that protects you today and makes sure future generations have the same level of protection for church property and finances.

Property Insurance

Ministry property provides so much more than basic shelter. Consider the many different ways you meet the needs of the members of your congregation. Insuring the physical property of any ministry isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Today’s churches and ministry facilities house more costly property than ever before. Expensive electronics, musical instruments, sound systems, office machines, and phone systems: there’s a lot to consider when evaluating possible losses. That’s why the professionals at Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency prove to be such an invaluable resource when choosing the right coverage. We’ll walk you through selecting endorsements that meet your specific needs, such as:

  • Bond: Pays for losses covered by your policy resulting from personnel theft and/or dishonesty
  • Equipment Breakdown: Covers the cost of property losses due to sudden or accidental equipment breakdown

Let the professionals at Kulin-Sohn show you the most cost-effective way to protect your buildings, property and belongings.

Liability Insurance

The risks faced by any ministry go beyond the physical property. The individuals who participate in the various ministries, from staff to administrators, church members and visitors represent specific risks that must be considered. Liability Insurance offers the protection you need to safeguard ministry personnel and finances. Kulin-Sohn can provide the basic liability coverage that offers strong protection against claims of bodily injury and/or property damage. Coverage extends beyond basics to include:

  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Specialized Emotional Injury Liability
  • Teacher / Governing Board Liability

Kulin-Sohn presents a variety of liability protection options that meet the specific needs of your ministry, based on exposure. Liability protections offered by Kulin-Sohn include sexual acts liability, counseling acts liability, directors and officers liability and computer related liabilities.

Excess Liability Insurance

Providing an ‘umbrella’ of liability protection for your ministry

In a litigious society, no one is immune from liability claims. Each year millions of dollars are awarded by the courts. Kulin-Sohn provides optional excess liability coverage, which is above and beyond the basic liability limits of your primary coverage for general, vehicle and employer’s liability. Remember: your ministry is responsible for any amount awarded by the courts that is in excess of your policy’s basic liability limits. Excess Liability Insurance is a smart way to cover the gap and protect your ministry’s financial assets.

Coverage that’s right for YOU

Choosing the right coverage to ensure adequate protection can be overwhelming without counsel you can trust. The professionals at Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency have over 100 years of combined experience helping churches and other ministries find the right insurance solution. We’ll explain your options and suggest coverage that meets your specific needs and budget.

Contact Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency for quality insurance protection for your church and your family.

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Ministry has been described as finding a need and filling it. Kulin-Sohn exists to fill a very specific need among today’s churches: to service them to the best of our ability with the proper coverage for their ministry. We truly believe that as a faith-based business it is our responsibility…our calling…to meet the insurance needs of churches, freeing them to minister effectively without worry.


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