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Liability Insurance protects your ministry and its ministers

As the faithful reach out to a hurting world we witness an ever-increasing amount of ministry activity, from counseling to childcare, financial relief to employment assistance and so much more. Unfortunately, every new ministry brings a new liability risk. It’s prudent to protect the good work of your ministry against claims with smart liability coverage from Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency.

Basic (or general) liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, medical payments coverage, products and completed works and fire legal liability. However, what about those areas that fall outside the definition of ‘basic’? Kulin-Sohn can help you ensure the integrity and focus of your ministry with additional professional liability coverage.

Bride and groom leaving the churchProfessional Liability can include but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Religious Freedom Protection

Allegations of emotional injury resulting from religious communication, activity or alleged discrimination.

  • Pastoral/Religious Counseling Liability

Emotional injury associated with counseling acts

  • Sexual Acts Liability

Claims of sexual misconduct / harassment as well as improper reporting of child abuse and failure to supervise convicted sexual offenders on premises

  • Employment Practices Liability

Emotional/personal/financial injury as a result of alleged employment discrimination, termination or harassment

  • Broad Scope Media Liability

Personal injury allegations resulting from your media activities

  • Broad Scope Cyber Liability

Personal injury allegations of damage, injury or loss to others due to use of ministry computers, such as e-commerce errors, data breach, etc.

  • Membership Emotional Injury Liability

Specified emotional injury claims resulting from your church’s policies, practices or procedures regarding attendance or membership in the church

  • Supervision-related Emotional Injury Liability

Emotional injury claims of alleged failure to properly supervise children or others participating in ministry operations, including bullying, stalking, intimidation, etc

  • Privacy Violation Liability

Emotional injury and/or financial damage as a result of privacy errors connected with ministry operations but NOT associated with electronically stored records and/or other information

These are only some of the many, many liability risks covered by Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency. Your agent can help tailor a policy that addresses the specific needs of your ministry.

Contact Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency for quality insurance protection for your church and your family.

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Ministry has been described as finding a need and filling it. Kulin-Sohn exists to fill a very specific need among today’s churches: to service them to the best of our ability with the proper coverage for their ministry. We truly believe that as a faith-based business it is our responsibility…our calling…to meet the insurance needs of churches, freeing them to minister effectively without worry.


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