Church Worker’s Comp and Payroll

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Worker’s Comp

Worker’s Compensation ensures that every employee has adequate protection should a work-related injury occur. There are a variety of benefits included in Workers Compensation, as specified by state law. They include:

  • Disability benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Death benefits

Employer’s Liability

Coverage for those ‘what if’ moments

Slipping on the stairs, a bad dish at a ministry-sponsored dinner: you never know what can happen to cause a job-related injury or illness. Ministries aren’t immune to lawsuits resulting from work-related injuries…and they can be extremely expensive.

Employer’s Liability Insurance protects your ministry should you be sued for an injury that occurs on the job or as a result of doing ministry-related work. Don’t wait until you need it to discover you don’t have it: secure adequate Employer’s Liability Insurance from Kulin-Sohn Insurance.

Payroll Services from Ministry Works

MinistryWorks is a payroll service provider that helps churches and related ministries by taking on the administrative burden of payroll processing and payroll tax filing. MinistryWorks professionals are church payroll specialists who truly understand your ministry and work closely with you to offer solutions for your unique needs.

Visit to use the online calculator and estimate your costs—and savings—through this payroll service by Brotherhood Mutual.

Payroll Savings Estimator

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Ministry has been described as finding a need and filling it. Kulin-Sohn exists to fill a very specific need among today’s churches: to service them to the best of our ability with the proper coverage for their ministry. We truly believe that as a faith-based business it is our responsibility…our calling…to meet the insurance needs of churches, freeing them to minister effectively without worry.


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